A clever space for entertainment


SKY is a subscription entertainment service that delivers brilliant video content and owns several TV channels. Over three months, I helped them to shape and visualize an entertainment hub concept that connects different media streams to easily generate custom content for you.


User research, User experience and Visual design concepts.

Meaningful suggestions

I looked closely at how the application could bring relevant suggestions not only based on your personal tastes but also on your friend's network. The app learns with your daily use and helps you to be always up-to-date with the new media releases.

Connecting to your social network

To add a sense of rapid discovery and familiarity to the experience, the app connects with Facebook and Twitter to tell you who is watching this tv show, who liked that new movie that just came out and also who recommends this live attraction happening right now.

Our rapid-prototyping process gave Sky's teams a high-fidelity preview of what we were planning to do and also a clear vision of the way we were addressing goals and solving the problems.

The personal assistant

My aim was to simplify and declutter as much as possible the experience of getting new content suggestions from the app. The result was an intelligent chat assistant that talks directly to you and brings useful suggestions based on your current mood.

Once you are together with your friends and looking for a good show to watch, the assistant also helps you to easily merge the profile tastes and provide meaningful suggestions that would please you both.

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