Redesigning the most beloved fantasy game, the new Cartola FC.


The Cartola FC is a fantasy game created and running by Globo.com since 2005 with more than 3 million players. We worked with Globo on the redesign process where we focused primarily on the mobile app.


User research, Product strategy, User experience, and Visual design.

Making data look friendly

The game is based on official statistics of the players and coaches participating in the Brazilian soccer championship, so one of the core challenges in this project was to come up with a good and friendly way to show the player information.

We designed a few different ways to express this information and tested it with several user interface components. After a few days of iteration and tests, we had this fluid and adaptable layout system that created a powerful communication hierarchy and helped as a good reference to design the rest of the scenarios.

Making it social and introducing the leagues

Cartola needs to better integrate your social network with the game and we designed different approaches to make it happen. Comparing your results with your friends with a way to share the results directly on your social feed was a method to keep the game working even outside the app.

We also introduced the new League feature which is basically a place where the users can create custom leagues to play among your friends. In a similar approach, there are also the sponsored leagues, that award their winners with goodies from brands like Nike and Adidas.

Numbers and outcomes

20k paying users

More than twice the expected for the whole pre-season period.

2.7mi squads assembled

Over 54% higher than the previous record, one year before.

Most downloaded Brazilian app

Cartola was the most downloaded app for 3 weeks in the Sports category after the official launch.

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