Tromso, Norway

March 2020

Tromsø is a famous destination for those who visit Norway and want to seek the breathtaking Northern Lights, and that's exactly what I did. This beautiful city is located between fjords, islands, and mountains, offering a vibrant feeling surrounded by raw nature. I took a quick 2-hour flight from Oslo to spend 4 days in this icy city where everyone is so nice and welcoming that you easily feel at home the moment you land there. We were lucky enough to get the chance to experience the northern lights on the very first night going north until Dåfjord. Photos and words cannot describe this unique experience.
All photos were taken with an iPhone XR.

I spent literally more than 1 hour at the Tromsø Bridge observing this particular view
-20 degrees
Random posten
Arctic Cathedral
Morning views from the opposite side of the city
Coffee shop stop for a fresh hot brew in the morning
Frozen objects on the way
Hungeren residential streets
The cold weather helped me make great compositions like this one
Always my favorite view
Till next time, Tromso! 👋
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