Porto, Portugal

November 2019

I can say I'm a lucky guy: during my time living in Norway between 2019 and 2020, I had the opportunity to often fly to Portugal and visit my girlfriend, who was living there. I usually flew in on the weekends and holidays, so I had the opportunity to escape for a bit from the severe Norwegian winter and spend some sunny days in this beautiful country. Portugal is an incredible place that makes me remember my home country a lot. Most people don't know, but Portugueses colonized Brazil, so in addition to the same language we speak, we also have an infinite list of cultural and behavioral similarities. Porto is a coastal city in northwest Portugal known for its stately bridges and port wine production.
All photos were taken with an iPhone XR.

Sunset from the bridge
Mercado Temporário Bolhão on a sunny Saturday morning
Uncommon angles at Fundação de Serralves
Driving with style
Buying some printed stuff at Manifesto in Matosinhos
Fundação de Serralves
Universidade do Porto
Fundação de Serralves
Sunday lunch views
Casa da Música
Praia de Motosinhos in January
Sunday afternoons heading back to Norway
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