Copenhagen, Denmark

January 2020

On a cold Thursday night after work, I boarded a quick 1-hour flight from Oslo to Copenhagen to spend 3 days in this vibrant city. Copenhagen is the capital and most populous city of Denmark, and as I expected, it's a breathtaking city where you are able to experience and see so many great things just by walking down the streets. Great memories and tons of inspiration from each corner of this city I will take with me forever.
All photos were taken with an iPhone XR.

First city views getting off the København H station
Lovely corner at the Louisiana Museum
Morning coffee stop around Sundvænget
Blegdammen sales
Art is everywhere
Best views from the Illum Rooftop
Glorious views from the Louisiana Museum
Walking around Christianshavn
Hija de Sanchez tacos
Slow mornings at Atelier September
Superkilen paths
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