Imagining the travel experience for the Olympic Games


Rio Galeão is the main airport serving Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. As it would be the main gate for the Olympic Games 2016, they had a clear goal to design a mobile application that inspires confidence in customers and also reflects the right feeling of this sunny city.


User experience, Product strategy, and Visual design.

Flight information instantly

All the flight information clean and direct. The user definitely doesn't need to spend time checking unnecessary stuff. I created more than a dozen iterations of a single piece for a new way to visualize the flight list.

After finding your flight and check all the basic information, you could follow it. Then you get smart notifications about any changes and status in real-time.

Exploring the airport

A simple swipe right and you access the airport map where you can explore and get directions to your favorite restaurant or store. Rio Galeão understood the importance of combining the digital and physical world to deliver a more complete experience and more than 3.000 beacons were implemented around, making it the first airport in Latin America to offer indoor navigation.

Numbers and outcomes

+100mi downloads in 83 countries

More than twice the expected for the Olympics season in Rio de Janeiro.

Global Mobile Awards 2017

Featured in Travel category for the Global Mobile Awards.

Media mentions

Featured on Wired.com, LovelyPlanet, Apex and Globo.

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