A new and
sweet experience

Why Cardoso Cupcakes?

The client

Cardoso Cupcakes is a first class brand created with the mission of offering fresh and finest batches of yummy goodness daily. An unique bakery of custom cupcakes, brownies, cakes and cookies recognizable for their wonderful ingredients and a great customer experience.

The context

Care was given to create this new visual identity. That's where I came in. They called me to create a new brand system bringing a new voice tone with a purpose that really sets them apart and positions them well on their path of growth.
*The website is a concept made just for fun.


A brand is more than a logo. A brand is an emotional experience that communicates to your audience who your company is. Beginning with visual identity, it also includes applications and directions for upcoming projects.

"Brilliant branding takes courage because it is something that is constantly being formed by the public’s perception."

There is no limit to the involvement between customer and brand.
That's why the new brand offers a tasteful personality, unique experience and follow a guided strategy.

The new Cardoso Cupcakes brand should be ubiquitous, consistent and express the emotion behind what customer feels, sees and tastes when they interact with on any level. Developing an emotional experience towards a simple logotype was one of the crucial statements for this new strategy.

Digital experience and simple interactions

"Be bold and tasty."
2 principles to create a completely new and markable digital experience.


We all love good typography. I spent a lot of time thinking and selecting the right typeface for the digital approach.
 For our primary typeface I chose the ultra elegant Playfair Display. For the secondary one I went with Proxima Nova, both are modern and simple providing a good readability through all the devices.

About Us page

Products page

Contact page

Custom grid

Working with a grid is an essential starting point for any project. Combining the modular and column grid was necessary to keep control of each element and build an organized system that is tight and easy to understand, while also providing a framework for making design choices.

Responsive experience

With the smartphone revolution taking over, it was clear that a mobile experience is necessary. To avoid losing primary features when downscaling from desktop to mobile, I adapted the screens through a responsive strategy splitting the blocks inside the column grid. It automatically restructured both our content and functionality.

Note: The original brand name is Cardoso Brownie. 

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